At Hollymount School we make music an enjoyable experience. By exposing children to a range of genres of music from different cultures and time periods, we aim to help them build up and understanding of musical terminology throughout their time at school. This will enable them to discuss confidently the music they have listened to – explaining their feelings, likes, dislikes, and will prepare them for the additional learning they will receive in later education.

Pupil Feedback

“We sing lots of English songs but some are from Poland too.” Reception

“We listened to calm music and drew what we thought the sound was like.  I drew the sea with eagles on the top. The music sounded like water splashes.” Y1

“It makes me happy when people sing” Y3

“Music opens up your feelings and lets people express themselves.” Y5

‘We have learnt about different composers – some British, some from other countries.’ Y6


During music lessons, children will be taught to actively listen to a range of music from varying genres and eras. They will develop descriptive skills in music lessons to allow them to represent feelings and emotions. As the children get older, there is an expectation that they will be able to maintain their concentration for more complex and extended pieces of music. In addition, we teach the children how to compose their own pieces of music, supported by a range of technology and how to perform confidently to an audience in both school assemblies and public performances.

We are fortunate to work alongside Severn arts. Each week, children in Year 4 and 5 receive lessons from qualified music teachers for Djembe drumming and the ukulele. Each term, the children share what they have learnt in their lessons with the rest of the school.