Vision Statement

At Hollymount School our aim is to “Inspire Success” in all our children. Whether that success be academic such as learning times tables; physical for example, learning to catch a ball or social in making a new friend, we will support and inspire all children to achieve their best.

We encourage our pupils to reach for their goals and to learn resilience and perseverance along the way. We celebrate “messy success” and “magic mistakes” – sometimes you have to get something wrong before you get it right. We also encourage children not to say “I can’t do it” but “I can’t do it yet.

Our school follows the Black Pear Trust’s core values:

Proud To Be Me

Enjoy Learning

Achieve Success

Respect for the World

We hope that these, alongside the core British values (democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and tolerance and respect) will support our children to become well-rounded, independent young people, ready for their next stages of education and their future in a multi-cultural society.