The Hollymount Charter

The charter puts into words our vision of the different opportunities and experience we want our children to have at Hollymount.

During their time at Hollymount School every child will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in a public performance
  • Take part in a residential trip
  • Use the outdoors to enhance their learning experience e.g. Forest school
  • Experience a wide range of clubs including those supported by outside agencies e.g Rock climbing, horse riding
  • Be a part of a whole school trip annually
  • Be a part of a ‘house’ and take part in annual ‘ house activities’,
  • Experience a visit or visitor for each termly theme
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument
  • Learn a new language
  • Visit places of worship
  • Visit, experience different places of work
  • Take part in at least 1 enterprise activity a year, within school and the local
  • Community, raising money for community, charities and school
  • Take ownership of their own learning
  • Experience cooking a nutritional, balanced meal
  • Learn the ‘value’ of money in a real context
  • Have a piece of art work framed and displayed
  • Learn to reduce, reuse and recycle waste
  • Visit a theatre to watch a live performance
  • Participate in at least 5 different sports and represent the school in at least one sporting competition
  • Take part in a disability awareness raising activity