Reading Ambassadors

Our reading ambassadors are

  • Year 1: Logan and Frayah
  • Year 2: Victoria and Alpha
  • Year 3: Marika and Ellie P
  • Year 4: Jake and Sofia
  • Year 5: Jacob and Bella
  • Year 6: Georgiana and Inaya

These children were selected by their teachers because they regularly share their love of reading with the rest of the class.  Their roles and responsibilities include keeping their book corners tidy, nominating recommended reads, launching competitions and raising money and running our new school library.

Our new school library!

Here are some fun reading facts selected by our ambassadors:

Recommended Reads…

Recommended by Charnah – I’ve only just started this book but it’s very interesting so far and it is a part of a triology.
Layla – I like it because it is funny and there are these farmers who are very mean and try to kill a fox.

Recommended by Dylan – This book has lots of funny moments.
Recommended by Archer – This book is very funny. It’s about a boy called Milo who goes to rescue two princesses.
Recommended by Zoe – A fun adventure where you enter another world and it always leaves you wanting more.