Reading in School

Reading in Key Stage 1

In Reception and Key Stage 1, children learn to read using the Read, Write Inc. phonics scheme.

Reading in Key Stage 2

Children use these expert tips within their reading lessons (and across the curriculum) in order to help them actively read and make sense of the text in front of them. This allows them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world whilst becoming expert readers.

Reading Expert Tips

Reading across the curriculum

Reading and high-quality texts are woven into every aspect of Hollymount’s curriculum.

Within KS1, reading and high-quality texts actively drive their curriculum. Each foundation subject within the KS1 curriculum is linked to a key text, which provides the vehicle to teach the knowledge and skills the children need to know.

Within KS2, the foundation subjects which drive the current topic (e.g. history or geography) also have a key text. Reading lessons are taught as part of the foundation sequence of learning which focus on this key text. This is done in addition to the morning reading lessons.

Have a look at our year group pages to see what text the children are reading to support their learning across the curriculum.