Reading at Home

Our aim as a school is to teach children to read and to keep them reading! We encourage them to read in all parts of the school day, but most importantly for pleasure.

Children are expected to read daily at home, although we strongly suggest a minimum of 3 reads per week. All children are given a Home-School Reading Diary at the start of the academic year in which their reading can be documented. Please remember reading TO your child, can be just as important as them reading to you, whatever their age.

Children who are on the RWI phonics programme have phonetically decodable books which are matched to the level they are reading at in school. They are given one of these books once a week, which they are expected to read three times (to match the three reads they do of one text within their phonics lessons). Children also have access to online versions of the phonics book that they are reading. Children can also take home a story from the book corner to share with their families.

When they come off RWI, children chose books from our Accelerated Reader programme that match their reading level.

For more advice on how to help your child read at home, click on the link to the right.

Reading Raffle

Children have ‘reading raffle’ slips to take home.

“The reading raffle gives children the chance to win prizes. You have a strip of paper containing 10 squares. Every time you read at home you can get your parents to sign a box. When all 10 boxes have been signed it can go in to a raffle. The more you read at home, the more chance you have to win.” (Nia)

Children who have their name drawn out will get to choose a new book, which school will buy for them.

“We hope this reading raffle gives children a push to read more at home because it is a goal that everyone can achieve.” (Tia)

Raffle Winners:

Autumn 1 winners:

Penny (year 1), Hannah (year 2), Bahast (year 3), Jorgie (year 4), Sharne (year 5) and Aisha (year 6).