Little Pears Out of School Club

School staff run an out of school club, called Little Pears, from 3pm to 5.45pm each day in order to support working parents.  Little Pears is open to all children who currently attend Hollymount School and provides safe and stimulating care with familiar adults.  

Many activities are available, for example colouring, dressing up, board games, magic tricks, laptops and more.  When the weather is fine, the children enjoy outdoor activities such as ball games, hoops and tag.  A fun time is had by all!

Sessions cost per session/ per child:

3 – 4.45pm £4.50 (to include a drink and biscuit)

3 – 5.45pm £5.50 (to include a hot snack)

Little Pears is very flexible and children can attend one or two days a week or everyday, depending on parents requirements (spaces permitting)

If you would like your child to attend Little Pears, please contact the school office for a registration form. After registrations, places are booked via the sQuid system.

According to one of the Year 3s, who attends Little Pears, their favourite things are:

  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Drawing and playing outside
  • Learning lots of magic tricks and showing them to their classes
  • Playing with sticky playdough
  • Having yummy toast with chocolate spread, jam, cheese or butter