Transition to High School

At the end of Year 6 all the children must leave Hollymount and go to high school. There are several high schools in Worcester and we would recommend you visit them before choosing a place for your child.  

You will also need to consider how your child is going to get to high school – will you be able to drop them off or are they going to walk on their own? Location can often be an important factor in choosing a school, as well as the school’s reputation and exam results.

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Application to High School

As your child enters Year 6 you will be sent a letter asking you to apply for their high school place. The letter will give you a Worcester County Council website address where you complete a form listing your three preferences of high school. Although approximately 70% children do get their first choice, some don’t, so it is worth thinking about a good second choice.

The deadline date varies each year but is usually around the end of October.  It is very important that you submit the on-line application in time – children without an application are randomly assigned to whichever high school has a place at the end of the application period.

Online application form

In early March parents are sent an email informing them of which high school their child will be attending. Parents need to formally accept this offer on line (details of how to do so will be in the email).

Once each child has an allocated school they will begin the high school transition process which varies between schools.

The Transition Process

Each school has its own transition process but all will send a teacher to Hollymount to discuss the children’s abilities and needs with their Year 6 teacher (& EAL or SEN teacher in some cases).  Most will also talk to the children about their high school and answer any questions they may have.

All high schools invite Year 6 to visit them for at least one day during the summer term.  Tudor Grange asks the children to spend a week there, while Christopher Whitehead invites the children for an hour a week over 6 weeks. Some children may benefit from extra visits depending on their needs.

Parents can also go and look around the high school – with or without their child – by simply phoning the school and asking for an appointment.  Most high school also offer an evening visit when they talk to parents of Year 6 children and tell them about the rules and requirements of the school, e.g. uniform, lunch arrangements, etc.

Which high schools can you choose?

Worcester has 5 mainstream secondary schools. Below are links to their websites.

Bishop Perowne C of E College

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College

Christopher Whitehead Language College

Nunnery Wood High School

Tudor Grange Academy Worcester

There are also local independent schools and secondary or high school schools outside of Worcester which you may choose to consider.

Further Questions?

The move to high school is a big step and it is normal for children – and parents – to be a little anxious.  In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we would advise parents to find out all you can about your child’s new school and visit it together.

Ask lots of questions!  The high schools are always willing to help new students and it is worth talking to other families already attending  the school to find out about basic routines.  Hollymount staff are also willing to help and may be able to answer some of your questions.

If you need any help with any part of the transition process, please contact Miss Whitworth.