Train your Brain

This term, the children are focusing on ‘Training their Brain’. The children have learnt that as we learn new things, the synapses in our brain actually grow and connect. As our learning improves, so do the connections in our brain.

The children in KS1 have spoken about how there brains grow a little bit like a flower grows from a seed.

Click on the video below to watch how our brains grow. Documents/Growth Mindset/Rope bridge video.mp4

WC 7th June

Santiago, Elis, Renae, Isabelle, Ayaan, Mason, Arisha

WC 14th June

Matei, Presley, Aalia, Izabella, Asia, Liiah, Antonio

WC 20th June

Jacob, Muhammed, Elizabeth, Ashton, Finley, Lexi, Caleb, Kyle, Kiyra, Andrei, Zuzanna, Amirah, Sinan, Tassie

WC 28th June

Logan, Dylan, Rio, Arisha, Harvey, Georgiana, Riley, Louie, Keah, Jack, Dragos

WC 5th July

Jorgie, Emil, Erin, Nylah, Kayden, Tegan, Patrick, Patrik, Ellie-Mae G

WC 12th July

Blake D, James, Cody, Gracie-Mai, Amber-Rose, Daniel, Nathan, Sam H