Power of Yet!

I can’t do it…YET

I don’t know the answer…YET

I don’t know how to do it…YET

…but I will soon!

Resilience is a vital life skill which ensures children persevere even when things get tough. We remind our children not to say, “I can’t do it” but to say “I can’t do it YET.” The following children have been chosen for showing this quality.

The Power of Yet award goes to…

WC 13.11.23

1CD: Sabrina
1ET Penny
1HM Olivia
1HL Edi
2KD Dexter
2JT Stacey
2JA Cienna
2EP Jacob
2AS Layla-Mae
2MH Nikodem
2NA Hannah

WC 20.11.23

1CD: Alex
1ET Ada
1HM Saif
1HL Trent
2KD Sydney
2JA Zayn

2HR Tarlia
2EP Rosie
2AS Braydie
2MH Gabriella Dunne
2NA Ellie-May

WC 27.11.23

1CD: Alexandru
1ET: Hera
1HM: Lexi-May
1HL: Alecia
2KD: Muna’m

2EP: Zyan Aurffan Price
2MH: Feninnah Fijo
2NA: Bethany

Who will win the Power of Yet in your class this week?