Messy Success

Messy Success awards those children who keep persevering with their work even though they may not find success immediately. Success doesn’t just happen straight away, it happens over time and may include some set backs along the way. Children who receive the Messy Success award get a certificate and a bendy pencil to remind them of their messy journey.

Watch this video to see if there are any celebrities who have had messy success.

The children who have achieved Messy Success are:

Week beginning 2nd November

Ziggy, Annabelle, Adam, Sara, Fabian, Nikodem, Rihanna, Morgan, Molly N, Shayla, Taylor, James

Week beginning 9th November

Matei, Eliza, Charlie, Willow, Frazer, Hannah, Niamh, Bianca, Tayla, Maya, Victor

Week beginning 16th November

Logan, Bavithraa, Maroosha, Adrian, Lacey, Macie, Macie, Rhea, Hanaa, Maria, Liiah, Minal

Week beginning 23rd November

Hollie, Tarlia, James, Caitlin, Stefan, Jay, Izabella, Alex S, Lacey C, Millie, Tyler, Rayhan

Week beginning 30th November

Taya, Neel, Lily, Theo, Logan, Kayden, Sophie, Maria, Nevaeh, Kyle, Tyler

Week beginning 7th December

Mia, Maya, Rosie, Aurea, Amelia, Kasia, Kacper, Presiana, Shayla, Leilani, Roxi, Victor

Week beginning 14th December

Darcha, Adelina, Layla, Alicja, Maisie, Alex S, Lacey, Hanaa, Alex, Sanija