Growth Mindset Ambassadors

Our Growth Mindset Mentors are…

Year 1: Imogen and Andrei

“When we were practising our kicks and flicks, I was struggling and I got a bit cross. But I kept going and I got it in the end.” Imogen

“I kept trying hard with my reading.” Andrei

Year 2: Amelia and Annabelle

“In English, there were lots of hard words to spell but I kept going I could spell them in the end.” Amelia

“I kept trying with my handwriting.” Annabelle

Year 3: Leah and Sara

“When I was doing tricky maths, I reminded myself that if I keep going it will get easier and easier.” Leah

“I helped my friends when they were stuck. This also helped me at the same time.”

Year 4: Millie and Gabi

“In maths, I kept getting stuck so I missed it out but I came back to it at the end.” Millie

“Sometimes you might have to do things more than once. Practise makes perfect.” Gabi

Year 5: Oliver and Layton

“If you can’t do something, you can develop a growth mindset by continuing to try and not giving up.” Oliver

“I made a couple of mistakes but tried again and I fixed them. This meant that I had learnt a new skill.” Layton

Year 6: Zuzanna and Ingrid

“When I was doing a hard problem in maths, I kept on trying.” Zuzanna

“Every time I get stuck, I remind myself that I don’t do this, no one else is going to do this for me.” Ingrid

These children were chosen because they showed that they had the Power of Yet within their first week of being back at school. The children will be updating the website with brilliant examples of growth mindset within our learning community as well as being ambassadors by supporting the other children in their class.

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