“My teacher is the best teacher ever!” – FR
“I love school because I love learning!” – SG
“I enjoy energy club because I play games with my friends.” – AS
“I love going on lots of trips.” – TR
“I want to stay in the EAL Class forever!” – AP
“The football team is great!” – SL
“My teacher helps me when I don’t understand.” – AM
“I like the reward trips, especially lazer tag!” – JC
“Maths is my best lesson because I like doing my times tables.” – KH
“When I finish my work I help other people.” – CB
“Maths lessons are the best!” – SW
“I like going to ‘Little Pears’ because its fun and I can play games.” – AB
“I love EAL trips on the minibus.” – IL
“Netball club is good fun.” – SH
“Science is great because we get to do experiments.” – NC
“I use an ipad to help me check my work.” – LF

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

During the second half of the Spring Term, the whole school has been focused on STEM work, particularly science and design technology.  This work was presented in a ‘Showcase’ when parents and judges (from the local community) were invited into school to see the designs, models and discoveries.



Children presented their findings in different ways: drawings and plans on paper, electronic books, wall displays and physical models.  Most groups also had the opportunity to talk to the judges and explain what they done and the reasoning behind it.


The judges chose 3 winners in each age group (Reception, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2) and certificates and chocolate prizes were awarded in a special STEM assembly.  The first prize winners will have the opportunity to go to Worcester University next month to take part in more STEM activities.


Thanks to Milena and Izzy for helping to take the photos: