“I use an ipad to help me check my work.” – LF
“I love going on lots of trips.” – TR
“My teacher is the best teacher ever!” – FR
“My teacher helps me when I don’t understand.” – AM
“Maths lessons are the best!” – SW
“I like going to ‘Little Pears’ because its fun and I can play games.” – AB
“Science is great because we get to do experiments.” – NC
“When I finish my work I help other people.” – CB
“The football team is great!” – SL
“I love school because I love learning!” – SG
“Maths is my best lesson because I like doing my times tables.” – KH
“I want to stay in the EAL Class forever!” – AP
“Netball club is good fun.” – SH
“I love EAL trips on the minibus.” – IL
“I enjoy energy club because I play games with my friends.” – AS
“I like the reward trips, especially lazer tag!” – JC

History & Art Workshop

On Thursday, 10th March some of our Year 5 and 6 children (and some visiting children from Fairfield School) took part in a local history and art workshop. They looked at local maps and visited a nearby World War Two historical site.

Later artist ‘Aerosol Ali’ showed them some of his work and gave them a demonstration of how to use aerosol paints to create pictures based on the historical theme of Worcester in wartime:  

Wiktor, Fabian, Meena & Fiza then took turns to use the spray paints:

All the children then drew their own pictures using pencils and pastels.