“Maths lessons are the best!” – SW
“Netball club is good fun.” – SH
“Maths is my best lesson because I like doing my times tables.” – KH
“I love going on lots of trips.” – TR
“My teacher helps me when I don’t understand.” – AM
“I enjoy energy club because I play games with my friends.” – AS
“My teacher is the best teacher ever!” – FR
“I love EAL trips on the minibus.” – IL
“I use an ipad to help me check my work.” – LF
“I want to stay in the EAL Class forever!” – AP
“I like the reward trips, especially lazer tag!” – JC
“I love school because I love learning!” – SG
“When I finish my work I help other people.” – CB
“The football team is great!” – SL
“Science is great because we get to do experiments.” – NC
“I like going to ‘Little Pears’ because its fun and I can play games.” – AB

Health & Wellbeing Week

We started the week with a special assembly – Miss Amos told us three things everyone needs for health and well being: mental health, healthy eating and exercise.  Children have then learnt about these important issues over the week and took part in some fun exercise videos.



The week has been popular with children from across the school:


Y6 – we made a menu for what we eat throughout the day. We went on a website to learn all about macronutrients (like carbohydrates, protein and fat). I have enjoyed the week. I enjoyed making posters about health and wellbeing and sharing my learning with others!

Y6 – we looked at lots of different foods (such as: porridge, cheese string and cereals). We were looking at fat content and deciding what was the best to have. I’ve started looking at all the food eat. I’m making good choices.

Y3 –We are designing own pizzas and choosing toppings. Mine has tomato sauce, cheese, broccoli, pepper, chilli and pepperoni. We are going to make them tomorrow and we get to take them home!

Y3 – we’ve done the fitter future activities (these are aerobic videos that we copy). They are fun to do and they make us active. We always made sure we did our cool downs. I would like to do it at home!

Y2 – we have been learning about healthy eating. We went to tescos where we did farm to fork. We had chance to explore tesco. We tried some cheese (I didn’t like it) and got to hold some fish (they felt really cold – they’d been on ice).

Y2 – We have been learning about healthy things. We went to tescos and tasted some healthy food. We had some cheese and we held some fish! The fish were a little bit smelly. We have also learnt about our mental health. We have been describing different emotions and how we feel.

Y1 – Before lunchtime we have done some exercises. They were a little bit tricky but I told mum about them and she wants to join in! We have been writing about our feelings joy, sadness, anger and fear. We are going on a trip soon to tesco to learn about healthy eating!

Y4 –We are making a playscript about our emotions when we went to croft farm – it was a great experience and we learnt it was okay that we felt a little scared at times and angry if we couldn’t do something. I have enjoyed this week!

YR –We painted the characters from inside out. Joy is my favourite because she is always happy. We learnt that we all have different feelings in our head and they all work together to make us who we are. I have had a fun week!

Y1 –Miss Reid has been showing us exercise videos and we copy them. They are a little bit tricky but we’ve done them lots of times so we are getting better.

Y5 – we learnt about mental health and how stress might affect us – especially as we get ready for year 6. We came up with some techniques to overcome stress and how to calm ourselves down. We have kept these ideas safe in our trays so we can access them if we need them!