“I use an ipad to help me check my work.” – LF
“The football team is great!” – SL
“I like the reward trips, especially lazer tag!” – JC
“My teacher helps me when I don’t understand.” – AM
“My teacher is the best teacher ever!” – FR
“I want to stay in the EAL Class forever!” – AP
“Science is great because we get to do experiments.” – NC
“I love going on lots of trips.” – TR
“I love EAL trips on the minibus.” – IL
“I love school because I love learning!” – SG
“I like going to ‘Little Pears’ because its fun and I can play games.” – AB
“Maths is my best lesson because I like doing my times tables.” – KH
“Maths lessons are the best!” – SW
“When I finish my work I help other people.” – CB
“I enjoy energy club because I play games with my friends.” – AS
“Netball club is good fun.” – SH

Youth Speak Competition

On Tuesday 12th July, we held our annual speaking competition. Children from Years 4, 5 & 6 spoke about people who inspired them and were judged on their speaking skills by representatives from The Rotary Club.  

Below are the speeches the children wrote, along with a short video of each of them speaking in front of the whole school and the judges:

FIRST PLACE – Fiona (Year 5)

My Dad (Wayne Lloyd) has inspired me to be a Footballer. Throughout my life, he has taken me to watch him play at: County Sports, Malvern, Bromyard, Hereford United, Lye Town and around Worcester. He played as a striker for a number of teams and managed to score many goals, which showed me the amount of skill involved with playing in that particular position. Also, how enthusiasm and commitment allows you to follow your dreams. This made me think about how I could offer my particular skills to the School Football Team and help to win trophies.

I have now been playing for the School Football Team for twelve months; it has been a great experience and also fun playing opposition across Worcestershire. Thankfully, this passion of football has allowed me and the team to win a tournament trophy, which was one of the greatest days of my life. My Dad was very proud of me and watched every last minute of the competition; I even managed to score three goals-each member of the team were delighted.

Overall, Hollymount School and my family has supported me through this and I will continue to show the same passion and commitment that my Dad has shown me throughout my life.

SECOND PLACE – Nicole (Year 4)

I’ve been doing gymnastics for all my life, but if it wasn’t for Elissa and Rebecca Downing I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I do now.  Rebecca was born on 24th January 1992, she goes to a club named Notts Gymnastics Academy.  Rebecca is 1.55m tall.  Seven years went by, then her younger sister, Elissa, was born on 20th July 1999. She goes to the same club – Notts Gymnastics Academy. Elissa is 1.57m tall.

Elissa and her sister Rebecca are from Nottingham and they are both artistic gymnasts competing nationally.  They have made me improve my confidence and to believe in myself.  Elissa and Rebecca are coached by Jo Miller. In 2015 World Championships Elissa was team bronze at everything but her greatest achievement was in 2016 Osijek World Challenge Cup at floor, vault, beams and bars were all gold.

Rebecca, in 2014 and 2016 European Championships, was the bars champion and the team silver at everything else.  In 2016 European championships team silver and bars gold.

Thanks for inspiring me Elissa and Rebecca Downing.  I would love to be in the European championships one day when I’m older.

THIRD PLACE – Declan (Year 5)

I have been inspired by many people during my life; however, my main inspiration has been Neil Armstrong, he was an astronaut as well as a design-engineer. What really inspires me about Armstrong is that he was the first man to walk on the moon. Neil’s famous quote is ‘it’s one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.’ I hope to take this inspiration and make the world a better place.

I am also inspired by Bear Grills. He is an adventurer who has survived many extreme conditions across the world and fought many battles during his time in the army.(What a hero) He is also a very good role model; he is a prime example that shows if you stay: fit, healthy and committed then you can achieve many things in life.

Ala (Year 5)

My mum, dad and my sisters inspire me but the person who inspire me the most is my dad. My dad has inspired me to play Netball and pushes me to do my best in my maths, which is now my favourite subject at school. He is a Rugby player and has played in three World Cups for Tonga; he is still playing today. He told me that to be a professional Rugby player, he has to: train very hard and eat healthy to keep himself fit and strong. He also told me to be successful at anything, I have to do   a number of things, such as: work hard, keep practising and never give up!

In his spare time, he helps me with my netball shooting and passing everyday .Sometimes my dad takes me and my sisters (Leilani and Tiana) to the park. We ride our bikes, do some running and play some netball. If I struggle, he is always there to give me some advice. Sometimes he tells me to toughen up and compete for the ball. This inspires me to always practise everyday so I can develop my skills further. I have taken this same thinking into school.

During maths, my Dad, who is very competitive, plays games with me using the I-Pad. (I’m still unbeaten.)

Overall, I will ensure that I take the same inspiration to help others throughout my life and hope that all of the commitment that Dad has shown me will eventually pay off-hopefully.

Lucas (Year 5)

I have been inspired by many people in my life, however, Mr Roberts will always be the one that stands out; he has always been there for me through good and bad times. He loves to help me and others, if it wasn’t for him, I might not have got this far in school.

Mr Roberts, who always shows compassion to children, is patient and committed to his job. Not only does he support me in school, he also sends me post-cards every holiday to let me know what he is doing and that he is thinking of me. I will miss this once I go to Secondary School.

I am delighted that Mr Roberts is now training to be a teacher as he will be able to show the same inspiration and commitment to all children and help them through the bad times. Thank you!

Declan (Year 4)

In my life, the people who inspire me are my mum and dad.  My mum and dad inspire me to work hard, try my best and always encourage me to never give up on any work I may struggle with.

My mum and dad are always there for me, to care and love me.  They always make me feel that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

My mum and dad work really hard to take care and support me and my brothers and sisters. Everything they do they do for us, and I only hope I become a shadow of their existence.

Demi (Year 4)

The person who inspires me is my dad because he goes to work every day at 5 o’clock in the morning for my food, clothes, bills and many other great things.  He has given me a great experience through life and he always pushes me to do the things I’m scared to do.

He gets me and my brother everything he can to make us happy and he does all he can to give us a great life.  He makes sure that me, my mum and brother have everything we need and looks after us in a good way.  He always tells me I can be anything in life if I try hard enough and I always thank him for being the best father in the world.

Suzie (Year 4)

The people who inspire me and help me when I’m stuck – that is Miss Taylor and Miss Marsh.  They have both changed my attitude through the years.  They can be bossy but every teacher is bossy.  Miss Taylor can be nice and bossy.  She used to give us biscuits because we did not get fruit for free any more.

Miss Marsh is nice – she is pretty and a bit bossy.  As I was growing up I wanted to see a teacher like her.  They are both nice.  When I first saw Miss Taylor I thought she would be very bossy but no, not really, she is quite nice and she helps everyone.  She helps me.  She tells everyone off for not wearing their school clothes so all the people would like them.  She stopped giving biscuits because our next teacher won’t give us them.  I have finally got what I was waiting for.  Miss Marsh she is nice, she gives us cake!  She was nice last year.  She got a marble jar and some marbles and if we got to the carpet before zero we would get a marble and when we filled the jar we got a party!

Charlotte (Year 6)

Sophie (Year 6)

Charlie (Year 6)

Asjad (Year 6)

The person who inspires me is my favourite goalkeeper: Ter Stegen.  He grew up wanting to be a goalkeeper who was professional.  When he was younger he was an alright goalkeeper but with practise he manages to become pro.  He used to practise every day and now he plays for one of the best teams in the world: Barcelona.

Goalkeeper is not the only position he can play, he can also play striker and when he was younger he was teased because of his shooting.  When I grow up I want to become like him – determined and become a hard working goalkeeper who can play in any position.  He can score against other professional goalkeepers, including Bravo, his substitute goalkeeper.

He is my inspiration because he works hard.  If his team is losing by a few goals he gets his team and plays 110% to the last whistle and usually his team score and win.  I want to be just like him, a footballer who gives 110% at each and every training session and game.  He also gives talks on how anyone can be a goal keeper and he gives away his tactics.  When I grow up I will be like this amazing goalkeeper.

Felicity (Year 6)

Asha (Year 6)