“I love school because I love learning!” – SG
“When I finish my work I help other people.” – CB
“My teacher is the best teacher ever!” – FR
“Science is great because we get to do experiments.” – NC
“Maths is my best lesson because I like doing my times tables.” – KH
“I love going on lots of trips.” – TR
“Maths lessons are the best!” – SW
“I like going to ‘Little Pears’ because its fun and I can play games.” – AB
“I love EAL trips on the minibus.” – IL
“Netball club is good fun.” – SH
“My teacher helps me when I don’t understand.” – AM
“I enjoy energy club because I play games with my friends.” – AS
“The football team is great!” – SL
“I want to stay in the EAL Class forever!” – AP
“I use an ipad to help me check my work.” – LF
“I like the reward trips, especially lazer tag!” – JC

On the 12th November 2ST and 2BT went on a trip to Chedworth Roman Villa. Two of the children who went on the trip wrote a diary of the day.

IMG_0677Yesterday we went to the Roman Villa to learn about Romans. We traveled on a coach. When we got there we put our lunch boxes away and then we went with Ali on a tour. She showed us how the Romans bathed and how they heated the floors. The lady told us that the Roman’s had to wear sandals in the bathroom for their safety because it was so hot. She also showed us where they ate their dinner.

There was a mosaic but it was a bit broken. There were 300,000 little cubes of stone put together to decorate the floor. It was very impressive!
IMG_0728After a snack we had a go at being archaeologists. Each table was given a tray and we sorted the things. We found pottery and bits of mosaic which are nearly 2000 years old. We also found animal bones and snail shells, because the Romans used to eat pigs, sheep, cows and snails!

IMG_0780Finally we went with a woman to make Roman medicine. Shaydon dressed up as a Roman chief slave and we all wore pretend slave collars. We got given some ingredients, like lavender, mustard seeds and bay leaves, and we mashed them up in a Roman bowl. We tipped it into a piece of fabric and then we folded all the corners together and tied a knot with some string. It was very fun but the bags were very smelly!

We had a great day!